Our Services

Our primary objective is to provide high quality craftsmanship and excellent client relations – with this in mind we explain every step of the job to our clients while providing clean, long lasting, solid work. Explore our services further by clicking on a link below. Contact us to get started!

Stone Restoration

Deep repointing and sections of stone rebuilding are often required on century homes.  Done right, the repairs will last decades before more maintenance is required.

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Brick Restoration

Brick restoration is an art of matching colour, texture and using traditional materials to maintain the breathability of the wall which helps traditional structures last for centuries.


Natural stone Landscaping

Our natural stone landscaping services include stone steps, stone walkways, outdoor fireplaces, stone retaining walls and more.  One of our most notable landscaping projects is the giant dry stone wall at 890 Ch. d’Aylmer, Gatneau, where our attention to detail and quality is clear.

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Chimney Repairs

At Solid Masonry our team of expert masons are experienced and provide full support for chimney repairs in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. We use scaffolding to access our chimneys and have many special components allowing us to complete the jobs safely and effectively.

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Many times home buyers and investors want to buy the property they have been looking at but they aren’t sure exactly how much it will cost to fix the holes in the mortar or the crumbling section of brick. Have one of our experts inspect the buildings masonry with you so you can be confident in your purchase. We will provide an inspection report that details every issue with the masonry of the building, how it needs to be fixed and how much it will cost.

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