Our primary objective is to provide high quality craftsmanship and excellent client relations – with this in mind we explain every step of the job to our clients while providing clean, long lasting, solid work.



  • Stone and brick repair; repointing, replacing deteriorated areas, rebuilding stone and brick.
  • Stone foundation repair; excavating, repointing, rebuilding, and waterproofing.
  • Chimney repair or rebuilding.
  • Flagstone walkway repair; repointing, replacing deteriorated stone, rebuilding entire walkways from the concrete up.
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Professional consultation


 New construction:

  • Natural Stone, cultured stone and brick veneers
  • Dry laid stone retaining wall and fences
  • Natural stone landscaping
  • Fireplaces
  • Glass block



  • Dry stone walls: anything from large fences to small garden walls.
  • Mortared walls of any type.
  • Flagstone walkways; mortared flagstone on cement base or flagstone laid on a gravel base.
  • Armour Stone installation.
  • Stone steps
  • Decorative stones
  • Interlock patios and walkways.



Many times home buyers and investors want to buy the property they have been looking at but they aren’t sure exactly how much it will cost to fix the holes in the mortar or the crumbling section of brick.  Have one of our experts inspect the buildings masonry with you so you can be confident in your purchase.  We will provide an inspection report that details every issue with the masonry of the building, how it needs to be fixed and how much it will cost.  The inspection report doubles as a quote for the work needed.  In other words,  if you buy the property Solid Masonry Inc. will do all the work for the amount already detailed in the inspection report.

Inspections start at $175 + HST depending on size and location of the property.  Book your inspection today!


Preventative Maintenance Program

Solid Masonry and Smith and Barber – Sculptural Atelier have joined together to offer a unique heritage preservation program to the stone and brick buildings of the Ottawa region.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program enables owners to ensure the structural integrity of their building at an affordable cost.   Too often small areas of deterioration are not immediately addressed and lead to major structural issues.

By conducting our annual care program, set within each client’s budget, we can detect and correct failures before they develop into major defects.


Our Commitment

Whether it’s rebuilding the 150-year old walls on Parliament Hill, reconstructing a historic church steeple, or laying a new stone wall around your cottage or house, the Solid Masonry crew promises to tackle any project with care and meticulousness.