Dry Stone Steps and interlock

Local stones were used to build the dry stone steps to blend in nicely with the beautiful 19th century stone house.


Glebe Granite Walkway

The original sandstone on the walkway had badly deteriorated.  The owners where looking for a durable yet beautiful material to rebuild the steps and walkway.  We used 3 inch thick dark grey granite since it has proven itself look fantastic while being durable enough to stand up to the harsh icy and salty conditions of any


NCC Brick Restoration

Solid Masonry worked along side the NCC and the heritage masonry engineers to rebuild the parapet of the building near the War Museum. The brick work at the top of the wall had become deteriorated.  The top 4 feet of the wall, which is 5 bricks thick (5 wyths), were rebuilt matching the existing decorative work.


Flagstone Stone Replacements

Isolated deteriorated stones removed and replaced with new stone.