St- Andrew’s Church, Pakenham

St- Andrew’s Church, Pakenham:

  • Repointing
  • Stone replacements

This beautiful church can be found on the main street in Pakenham.  The main entrance was chosen as the first phase to a multi phase restoration of the church.

Matching the raised bead multicolor mortar joint was one of the challenges to the project.  Another aspect that required meticulous work was the partial replacement of one of the deteriorated voussoirs (arch stones).  Smith and Barber Sculptural Atelier did the stone cutting  Solid Masonry and Smith and Barber took on this project as part of our Preventative Maintenance Program.

The stones have been carefully chipped out back to sound mortar. Many voids in the wall were discovered and carefully refilled.

Partial stone replacement: a section of the the deteriorated voussoir (arch stone) was removed and replaced with a stone cut to match.

Cutting excess off of the multicolored raised bead joint.

Repointing and stone replacements complete.

Project complete