Dry stone fence

With our clients’ vision of building a stone fence that would become a landmark, Solid Masonry Inc. has started to build a beautiful and impressive dry stone fence that will not leave them wanting.

Dry stone walls have been built for many centuries around the world.  They are attractive, virtually maintenance free and will likely stand for centuries.  Each stone is carefully selected and placed to fit closely and lock into the stones next to it.  No mortar is used in the wall’s construction, hence the name dry stone.

The total length of the fence of over 400ft long and 6′ tall.   The base of the wall is 3′ thick and each linear foot of the wall weighs nearly 1.5 tons (3000 lbs).  These proportions help lend to the walls durability and also to its impressive appearance.


Check out this Youtube video on the wall to learn more.