Brick century house near Pretoria Bridge

Brick century house near Pretoria Bridge:

  • Brick replacement
  • Repoint
  • Parging

The brick used to build this house was unique.  It was softer than most used at the time and was also much more pink in color.  Many of bricks, where they sat on top of the foundation, had eroded, some so badly that there were holes right through the single wythe wall.  10 mortar test samples were needed to find a color match to the unique reddish/pink mortar and a different mix was required to match the different levels of weathering and pollution staining on each side of the house.

Bricks are being removed for replacement. The bricks had eroded so badly that there were holes straight through the brick veneer. You can still see the eroded brick at the corner.

After brick replacement. Reclaimed bricks from an old form house were used as there are no bricks in production that match this unique brick.

The jack arch above the window was rebuilt with the original bricks.