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Custom Fireplaces November 25, 2013

It’s cold outside and there is snow on the ground.  It’s a good time curl up by a beautiful fireplace with a good book and a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea. Check out the portfolio page to see a recent custom fireplace built by Solid Masonry in Ottawa.  

Dry Stone Walling November 19, 2013

Dry stone walling is or dry laid stone work is stone construction without the use of mortar.   Dry stone work is usually used for fences and retaining walls but is also used for stair cases, bridges and can be creatively  used for many other purposes. The best looking and best fitting stones are saved … Continue reading

Solid masonry contruction March 13, 2013

Solid masonry construction has been used for thousands of years.  The world’s oldest buildings are solid masonry.  Solid masonry is a construction technique in which you have a wall or pier, or buttress… made up of masonry without any voids.   These walls are usually load bearing and also double as the exterior weather proofing and … Continue reading

Repointing December 17, 2012

Repointing brick, stone or block involves removing the mortar between the masonry units and replacing it with new mortar.  As discussed in the previous post it is essential to match the mortar to the type of masonry wall and to the masonry unit used.  Mortar should be removed to a minimum depth of 1 inch … Continue reading